Spoke products back into the value chain

The final products resulting from the mechanical comminution and beneficiation in Hilchenbach is a mixed material fraction consisting of copper, aluminum, and plastic parts that have different compositions depending on the type of feedstock used. Following the principles of a circular economy, these materials can be returned straight back to the market.

The Black Mass created is an intermediate product of the shredding plant and is likely to be sold for until it can be accepted for further processing by a Primobius commercial refining plant.

Plastic (PE, PP)

The microporous plastic separator materials are commonly made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), which are readily recycled. These plastics are recovered and supplied to plastics recycling companies.


The high-value steel casing materials that maintain the structural integrity of the batteries and afford chemical resistance and corrosion protection are recovered and supplied to metals recycling companies.

Copper foil and Aluminium foil

The anode current collectors have a substrate of copper and aluminium foil are also recovered and supplied to metals recycling companies.


The graphite anodes are recovered in the form of a graphitic residue that can be further processed to yield high quality graphite and potentially reused in lithium-ion battery anodes.

Black mass

Our black mass contains the active materials for the operation of batteries. During a following processes, it is possible to extract from these active materials lithium, nickel and cobalt in a suitable form for reuse in making battery cathode materials.