Ways to partner with us

Primobius offers a variety of business models and partnership opportunities for deployment of its operations. These models address the differing needs of the main sectors associated with battery production and its applications and are designed to allow partners to dictate the shape of the relationship. Where relevant, partners could participate in sharing the operating economics of recycling their scrap batteries and producing new battery materials.

  1. Operation as a principal (assuming it has built an organisation that is capable and the strategy is commercially and financially viable and superior as alternative to the JV opportunities), likely to be a later development phase
  2. Partner/joint venture operations (partners with complementary skillsets, aligned goals and values).
  3. Operating license for a royalty fee

Corporation models

We identified three archetypes for potential collaboration, but are flexible regarding the model.


Primobius to take care of your spent or scrap batteries ensuring to recycle them in a sustainable manner


Share economic benefits with you processing your off-spec & end of life batteries


License the IP directly and Primobius provides the equipment


In order to choose the best option we would like to better understand your requirements.

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Horst Krenn

Horst Krenn

Managing Director

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