EBRA - European Battery Recycling Association

Driving Best Practice in Battery Recycling

The mission of the European Battery Recycling Association (EBRA) is to develop the highest standards of professionalism in the battery recycling industry by promoting best practice in health, safety and environment and by preserving natural resources while respecting the European regulatory framework.

EBA 250 - European Battery Alliance

Building a European Battery Industry

The European Commission launched the European Battery Alliance (EBA) in October 2017 to bring together industry players to ensure that all Europeans benefit from safer traffic, cleaner vehicles and more sustainable technological solutions. All this will be achieved by creating a competitive and sustainable battery cell manufacturing value chain in Europe.



Mercedes-Benz establishes sustainable battery recycling

Primobius entered into a cooperation with LICULAR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG, aimed at maximising the recycling rate, reducing resource consumption and creating a more circular and sustainable raw materials supply chain. Primobius will license its technology for the Mercedes-Benz battery recycling plant to be located at Mercedes-Benz Kuppenheim Operations in Southern Germany. In addition to a technology license to run the recycling plant, the cooperation will then also cover technological support from Primobius. LICULAR recycling activities will commence in 2023 and will provide industrial-scale validation for the integrated Primobius recycling solution.


Primobius signs MoU with Stelco to construct a plant for extraction and recycling of Li-ion battery metals

Stelco is looking to partner with a party with lithium-ion battery capabilities for the purposes of establishing a battery recycling business in North America as part of its broader automobile recycling pursuits. The Primobius recycling process offers large-scale sustainable recycling that can drastically reduce the CO2 footprint of vehicle and cell makers.


Primobius has signed a Memorandium of Understanding (MoU) with Itochu on long- term cooperation in lithium-ion battery recycling

Itochu is a Japanese multinational trading company with a strong footprint along the entire battery value chain including supply of materials and equipment to battery manufacturers and stationary energy storage systems.