Battery recycling without limits

Primobius GmbH is an incorporated joint venture between Australian Securities Exchange listed company Neometals Ltd (ASX:NMT) and private German global plant manufacturer, SMS group GmbH, to commercialise an efficient, environmentally-friendly recycling solution for end-of-life and scrap lithium-ion battery (LIB) cells. The Primobius recycling process offers a scaleable, efficient, sustainable recycling solution that generates high purity, low carbon footprint battery materials for reuse in the battery supply chain.

Recycling is not optional

Primobius makes use of global supply-constrained material resources by only using the resources we need while minimising waste and carbon footprint. Primobius offers a novel environmentally-friendly method of recovering cobalt, nickel, lithium, copper, manganese and a range of other materials into saleable products. In so doing Primobius:

  • Reduces unsafe handling and disposal of flammable and hazardous materials
  • Increases LiB collection and recycling rates
  • Increases materials recycling recovery rates and diverts materials away from large environmental footprint smelting
  • Returns valuable materials to the circular economy to the benefit of domestic raw material supply resilience
  • Minimises overall life emissions associated with LiB manufacturing to reduce the embedded carbon footprint for the electric vehicle manufacturing supply chain


Primobius' unique value proposition

  1. Safety focus: The Primobius flowsheet has been designed to surpass regulatory safety expectations. The process can safely shred individual cells without requiring prior discharge by deploying its layered built-in safety systems.
  2. Environmentally friendly: In contrast to pyrometallurgical processes that are currently the commonly-used recycling operations, our technology generates less CO2, less effluent and requires less transportation of hazardous wastes.
  3. Ethically-sourced high purity products: Production of high-purity chemicals (not intermediates) that are suitable for re-supply to cathode makers. By closing this supply chain loop, Primobius reduces need for new mined material and is closely aligned with the intent and objectives of new EU battery regulations.
  4. Flexible business model and technology: Primobius’ process can treat multiple battery chemistries, battery formats and types. Primobius is prepared to deliver its recycling solution in a number of business and partnering models so that it can adapt to the varying needs of partners and regions.
  5. Industrialisation pedigree: The complementary skillsets and resources of Primobius partners give Primobius depth of resources, process know-how and capability to industrialise the solution globally and on the scale that will be needed for large OEMs to service their future stewardship obligations.

Business models

Primobius' technology and business model is unique

Primobius is unique in offering flexible business models and opportunities for engagement with partners.

Primobius offers OEMs a fully-integrated solution for recycling with certainty that regulatory and stakeholder commitments will be reliably and safely met long-term.

Primobius is developing a variety of business models for deployment of its operations to satisfy a range of regional and corporate needs. These models address the differing needs of industry players associated with battery production and its applications, and are designed to allow partners to dictate the shape of the relationship. Where feasible, partners could participate in sharing the operating economics of recycling their scrap batteries and producing new battery materials. This model is complemented with more traditional revenue models for Primobius:

  • Supply of arm’s length disposal service to producers of cell scrap, returns, end-of-life
  • Licensing technology in return for royalty payments levied on the basket of products recovered
  • Sale of products to battery supply chain offtakers and others


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Horst Krenn

Horst Krenn

Managing Director
Primobius GmbH
Wiesenstraße 30
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