A promise for the future

Primobius aims to decarbonise the battery supply chain by generating raw materials for new batteries without the carbon overhead of mine production. Primobius has been established to commercialise cutting edge R&D using proven industrialisation capabilities to commercialise a novel and environmentally friendly scrap and end-of-life lithium-ion-battery recycling process.

Primobius has a sustainability ethos – focused on optimising finite resources and supporting the global transition to clean energy:

  1. By generating advanced materials critical that support delivery of products designed to arrest climate change
  2. By minimising transport and associated carbon dioxide consequences courtesy of responsible localized battery raw material supplies
  3. By using sustainable physical and business practices to extract, process and re-use materials i.e. circular economic principles, EU regulation-friendly, capturing domestic raw materials from responsible sources, reducing CO2 footprint of battery production and recycling