Li-Ion Battery Recycling


Li-Ion Battery Recycling
Battery recycling without limits

Primobius is an incorporated joint venture between Australian Stock Exchange listed company Neometals Ltd. and private German plant manufacturer, SMS group, to commercialise an environmentally friendly recycling solution for end-of-life and scrap lithium-ion-batteries (LIB). The Primobius recycling process offers scaleable, efficient, sustainable recycling that can drastically reduce the CO2 footprint for participants in the LIB supply chain.

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Recycling is not optional

The global reliance on LIBs has grown at an unprecedented pace and is rapidly increasing due to strong growth in the electric vehicle, energy storage and portable electronics markets. Rechargeable energy storage as a means to curb climate change is now a reality. However, the waste created by end of life and scrap LIBs poses a growing environmental challenge.

LIBs are hazardous to people and the environment when not disposed of appropriately. Therefore, battery recycling is becoming mandatory in many states and nations. In Europe for example, new regulations associated with the EU Battery Directive will legislate 100% collection targets, minimum recycled recoveries/efficiency and labelling for carbon intensity, provenance, recycled content for new batteries.

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Primobius - Battery recycling without limits

Battery recycling without limits

Primobius will recover all the LIB constituent materials with an efficient and environmentally friendly recycling solution for re-use of the products, which will include generation of high-purity cathode chemicals for the battery supply chain. Primobius will help to "close the loop" with a unique and sustainable method of recovering valuable lithium, nickel, cobalt chemicals, and other materials, from expended and scrap electric vehicle, stationary energy storage and consumer electronics LIBs.


Primobius will generate both low and high value saleable products for re-use in new applications. The high-value, high purity chemical products for use by cathode makers. By separating the key materials in batteries, Primobius recovers cobalt, lithium, nickel, and other materials that would otherwise end up being recycled inefficiently or potentially finding their way to landfill. These products complement supplies from primary mine production sources, support domestic raw material supply chain resilience and have a non-conflict provenance.



In a world where manufacturers are measured by their ethics and environmental footprint, Primobius aims to use finite resources more efficiently to close the materials loop and contribute to the circular economy. Think elimination of fire risks, reduction in pollution from smelting and landfill contamination, re-use for a circular economy rather than linear economy and reduced carbon footprints for battery value chain.

Demonstration plant

The demonstration plant, which follows extensive pilot trialing, will showcase the Primobius integrated recycling solution in a dedicated continuous campaign that will reduce LIBs donated by EV and stationary energy storage partners to their constituent materials for re-use.

Product outputs from the trial will be evaluated by potential customers, partners and off-takers. The demonstration plant trial will provide an opportunity for carmakers, consumer electronics and battery manufacturers to verify Primobius’ capability to safely, sustainably and ethically dispose of hazardous LIBs to comply with all regulatory obligations. 

At approximately 20,000tpa capacity, the commercial-scale shredding equipment at the demonstration plant will represent Europe’s largest of its type, coupled with a Refining section that is designed to generate the data required for future optimisation and economic studies. Perhaps most importantly, the demonstration plant will showcase an opportunity for partners to watch their spent batteries go into the process and a range of products come out of the other end for supply chain evaluation.

The LIB Recycling Technology being showcased in the demonstration plant comprises two stages:

  1. Shredding and sorting
    • Physically separation of components to remove metal casings, electrode foils and plastics 
  2. Refining
    • Leaching, purification and precipitation to deliver predominantly refined chemical products via the hydrometallurgical processing facility

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