Li-Ion Battery Recycling
Battery recycling without limits

Primobius is the result of a joint venture partnership between Australian Stock Exchange listed company Neometals Ltd. and private German plant manufacturer, SMS group, to commercialise an environmentally friendly recycling solution for end-of-life and scrap lithium-ion-battery (LiB) cells. 

Primobius has a sustainability ethos, designing its advanced recycling solution to integrate into the circular economy, promoting the elimination of waste and the continual use of resources as well as reducing the need for primary resources.

Neometals Ltd. Minerals and materials for a sustainable future

Neometals innovatively develops opportunities in minerals and advanced materials essential for a sustainable future. With a focus on the energy storage megatrend, the strategy revolves around de-risking and developing long life projects with strong partners and integrating down the value chain to increase margins and return value to shareholders.

SMS group GmbH Leading partner in the world of metals

As a company, SMS group assumes responsibility and helps to turn megatrends into reality. We always think one step ahead when it comes to creative solutions that help meet the global challenges of the future. This is one way we ensure we are the “Leading Partner in the World of Metals”.

Recycling is not optional

The global reliance on LiBs has grown at an unprecedented pace, and is rapidly increasing due to the electric vehicle, energy storage and portable electronics markets. The waste created by end of life and scrap batteries poses a growing environmental challenge.

LiBs are hazardous to people and the environment when not disposed of appropriately. Therefore, battery recycling is becoming mandatory in many states and nations. In Europe, the EU Battery Directive dictates that producers must recycle or acquit the same, while in California, recycling is mandatory.

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Demonstration plant

Installation at SMS group location Hilchenbach

Primobius has started construction of its showcase demonstration plant at SMS group location in Hilchenbach, Germany. The commercial-scale battery-shredding equipment has already arrived and will soon be integrated with a new beneficiation and refining plant. 

The demonstration plant will be operated continuously and be fully integrated - from battery cells to high-purity chemicals from a commercial-scale shredding circuit connected to a refining section.

Process & Technology

A sustainable way forward

Primobius provides more than a recycling solution. Its advanced recycling process with low CO2 emissions delivers high purity chemicals back to the battery manufacturing sector. Using a unique proprietary process, cobalt and other valuable materials are recovered from waste LiBs.

In a world where manufacturers are measured by their ethics & environmental footprint, Primobius will deliver.

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Recovery of valuable constituents

Recycling of cell production scrap and end-of-life lithium-ion batteries

Primobius offers a sustainable process for the recovery of valuable constituents from cell production scrap and end-of-life LiBs. The processing flowsheet targets the recovery of battery materials from LiBs that might otherwise be disposed of in land fill or processed in energy-intensive pyrometallurgical recovery circuits. Specifically, the recycling process targets the recovery of valuable materials from consumer electronic batteries (devices with lithium cobalt oxide (LCO) cathodes), and nickel‐rich electric vehicle and stationary storage battery chemistries (lithium‐nickel-manganese‐cobalt (NMC) cathodes).

  • We have flexible technology supporting multiple chemistries and formats without prior discharging
  • Environmentally friendly and safe process
  • Reducing life cycle CO2 emissions and transport of hazardous waste
  • We produce high purity chemicals and recover the majority of battery constituents
  • We provide ethically sourced materials
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Safety measures

In Primobius' flexible and robust technology safety has the highest priority. During the process risks are always addressed right from the beginning. Old batteries are handled responsibly to prevent fires and the release of hazardous substances.

Selected safety measures we apply:

  • If needed batteries are first discharged in a controlled manner to minimize the residual energy
  • A wet shredding process is used to reduce the risk of fire hazard
  • Our fire detection and anti fire system detects and fights potential fires directly by flooding enclosed system parts with CO2
  • Enabling direct processing with limited inventory stored in safety boxes with fire protection, sealing and filter system
  • A combined state-of-the art off-gas system with filtering and wet scrubbing protects environment e.g. from volatile organic compounds and dust
  • Our water treatment system ensures the saving of resources and waste-water-free operation


Stelco signs MoU with Primobius to construct a plant for extraction and recycling of Li-Ion battery metals

First step for Primobius to enter North American battery recycling market

The MoU provides a framework towards establishing a 50:50 incorporated lithium-ion battery recycling joint venture in North America. Under the JV, Primobius would supply a dedicated recycling facility adjacent to Stelco’s proposed vehicle recycling operation, for operation by the JV partners with equal contribution of capital costs and sharing of financial returns.

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Primobius - Battery recycling without limits

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Primobius demonstration plant Hilchenbach, Germany
The future of Li-ion Battery Recycling


Primobius Fact Sheet Flyer


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