Recycling is not optional

The global reliance on lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) has grown at an unprecedented pace and is rapidly increasing due to strong continued growth in the electric vehicle, energy storage and portable electronics markets. Commitment to the environment has also contributed to widespread adoption of rechargeable energy storage as a means to curb climate change. The waste created by end-of-life and scrap LiBs poses a growing environmental challenge – Primobius has the solution.

Primobius is unique in offering flexible business models and opportunities for engagement with partners.

Sustainable recycling of
lithium-ion batteries

From scrap to high-value materials in 2 steps.

Primobius is “closing the loop” and contributing to the circular economy with its novel, sustainable and environmentally friendly recycling solution, generating high-purity cathode materials like cobalt, nickel and lithium from scrap and spent lithium-ion batteries for re-use in the battery supply chain.

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Horst Krenn

Horst Krenn

Managing Director
Primobius GmbH
Wiesenstraße 30
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