Hilchenbach, December 20, 2021

Commercial battery recycling plant commissioned

Primobius has successfully commissioned the newly expanded shredding and beneficiation circuit of the demonstration plant at SMS group location in Hilchenbach.

This enables the commencement of a 10tpd battery disposal recycling service in Q1 2022. Primobius is continuing the operational readiness activities ahead of the receipt of the Federal environmental (emissions) licence and commercial battery disposal agreements to ensure feed supply for the operation.

This fast tracking of commercial activities is a direct response to the demands of the EV and cell manufacturers immediate demand for safe disposal services. A recycling service which can be expanded in scale and scope to include a sustainable hydrometallurgical refinery to recover and regenerate battery-grade metal sulphate chemicals for re-use in new battery production, satisfying their ambitions and future regulatory requirements to ‘close the loop’.

Primobius 10tpd Shredding Plant will generate revenues from the receipt of fees to dispose of the batteries and the sale of intermediate active materials (Black Mass) and further de-risk the technology by demonstrating its operational capability at a commercial scale.

Primobius’ strategy is to secure market share through focusing on potential partners and customers with direct access to large volumes of feedstock. The flexible business model can deliver a multiple spoke and hub plant configuration recycling solutions at the scale, location and timing required.

Primobius is the result of a joint venture partnership between Australian Stock Exchange listed company Neometals Ltd. and private German engineering and technology company, SMS group. Primobius is to commercialize advanced recycling technology, offering a unique and sustainable method for recovering valuable lithium, nickel, cobalt and other materials from expended and scrap electric vehicles and consumer electronics LiB’s. Recovered and refined product materials will be reformed and re-applied back into the battery supply chain.